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     We are a group of LEGO-addicted adults who enjoy building with LEGO bricks. We live in various Nova Scotia locations. We are looking for other AFOLs (Adult Fan of LEGO) to join us for future activities. However, be forewarned - LEGO can be highly addictive, and harmful to your bank account.

Thank You

             Nova Scotia Lego User Group  (NovaLUG )

Are you interested in:

  • Building with Lego
  • Making Trains
  • Designing with Lego Mindstorms 

Can you answer:

  • How many different colours has Lego made?
  • When was NovaLUG.s last show?

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The word "Lego" comes from Danish leg gohdt which translates to "play well".

"Legot" (or "leegot"), plural form of "lego" (or "leego") is used as a Finnish slang term for human teeth, because of the rectangular shape of the teeth.


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